Chapter 23 – Reflections

Chapter 23 Reflections First, I thank you from the fullness of my heart for reading this memoir. It is not exactly light reading. It does require stick-to-it-ness just like the practice of traditional Yoga. Twelve years is the traditional number of years recommended in Classical Yoga for mastering any of the practices. There is a Zen story about being mentored by a teacher for 12 years before presuming to teach. Now, there are one week and even one-weekend teacher trainings!…

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Chapter 22 – Back In The USSA

Chapter 22 Back In The USSA The memory of listening to the Beatles as we flew over India reminded me of their song Back in the USSR as I returned home to my life in the USA. I had experienced a lifetime of postural, devotional, contemplative and meditative practices to process for many years. It has been over 14 years now and I still feel the grace of the subcontinent inspiring how I teach. I assisted in an Integral Yoga…

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