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Michael Plasha is a Yoga, Ayurvedic and Meditation Educator;

and an Addiction, Trauma and Chronic Disease Specialist.

Expert Yoga and Meditation Instructors

Offering Traditional and Specialized Yoga for over 20 years

Erie PA’s First and Foremost Yoga & Meditation Studio



Cultivate joy, relieve stress, and laugh at our studio as well!


Meet other likeminded yoga and meditation students and receive (and give!) support.


Learn valuable stress-relieving yoga practices to help strengthen mind, body and soul. And become certified to instruct yoga and lead your own meditation classes.

Cultivate Joy, Renew Your Body
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Yoga Podcasts

Very soon we’re going to be revealing our much anticipated Podcast. We look forward to discussing topics such as meditation, stress relief, yoga and more.

Online Courses

We’re going global! Stay tuned for information about exciting online instruction and classes being offered.

Live Stream Videos

We’re going to be live streaming classes and offering education in real time. To stay updated, visit our Facebook page.

What our Students are Saying

“If you want authentic yoga that focuses on the mind-body-breath connection and provides personal growth lessons taught by a highly experienced instructor who lives his life based on his own teachings, this is where you need to be. Michael sees and understands the needs of his clients and tailors his instruction to suit. He suggests pose modifications based on ability level and health restrictions, providing options for those seeking a more challenging experience, but stressing safety in all poses. He does this in a nurturing manner with a dose of humor and without hubris or mandating.”

Scott Deal

“I am a woman in my late 50’s who is not athletic, and I started attending Plasha Yoga about 3 years ago. I am always encouraged to listen to my body and go out of the posture as soon as it does not feel right for me where I am now. The biggest benefit I have gotten from my classes at Plasha is that I have been inspired to follow a path to serious meditation, and I took the 25 hour class for Meditation Teacher training. I have no interest in teaching, but the study enhanced my meditation practice in every way. This is yoga for your mind and body. Round bodies, old bodies, not just competitive gym yoga. I feel the most peaceful in my entire week when I leave class Monday evening, and I am now pretty good at knowing how to welcome that peace into my daily life.”

Jan Pytlarz

“I have been taking classes at Plasha Yoga for almost twenty years. Michael’s warmth, kindness, and depth of knowledge are beyond compare. Not only have I gained physical strength and flexibility through his classes, but I have been challenged to examine my thoughts and actions through the practice, which is far more than poses alone. If you want a trendy, westernized hot yoga experience, this isn’t the place. If you want to explore a holistic approach to mind, body, and spiritual health, deeply rooted in tradition, this is the best place for it in Erie!”

Kathleen Ryan

Michael Plasha – Founder & Educator

40 Years of Experience

Michael Plasha, founder of Plasha Yoga, has over 40 years of experience providing students with both community yoga classes and private lessons, which cater to each individual’s experience level.

Visit our About page to hear more of Michael’s Journey.


Michael has over 1,000 hours of training from Integral Yoga, the American Institute of Vedic Studies, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kripalu, and Viniyoga. He has taught over 11,000 classes; over 16,000 hours of teaching experience.

For more, visit Qualifications.

Yoga Style and Methodology

Michael offers safe and thorough alignment, precise verbal cueing, a nurturing non-competitive atmosphere, creative sequencing of over 150 postures, compassionate assists and sophisticated breathing, and more!

Visit our Style Page to learn more about Michael’s Methodology.

Addiction, Trauma and Chronic Disease Specialist

Beyond being a Ayurvedic and Meditation Educator, Michael is an Addiction, Trauma and Chronic Disease Specialist, which allows him to provide high quality specialized yoga classes which address a wide-range of ailments.

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Welcome to Plasha Yoga Studio!

Michael Plasha - Plasha Yoga Director

Erie PA’s First and Foremost Yoga & Meditation Studio is Plasha Yoga

The Fall schedule has been released! Save your spot now!

Upcoming or past events and workshops have included  Meditation, Pranayama, The Yoga Sutras, Resolve to Evolve, Yoga Psychology, The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living, Ayurveda, Prenatal Yoga, Back Pain, Forest Bathing, Mindfulness Bushcrafting, Yoga for Athletes, Postural Yoga Clinics, Partner Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage for Couples, Valentines Program and Kidding Around Yoga. For our current schedule, visit the events page.

Become a yoga teacher or advance your teaching at Plasha Yoga School.

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I am first and foremost a Yoga, Ayurvedic and Meditation Educator; and an Addiction, Trauma and Chronic Disease Specialist. 

We honor traditional Yoga with the most respected level of training and the most experience available locally. January 1, 2018, marks the 20th anniversary of directing a Yoga studio in Erie! It all started with free classes I began offering in my living room in 1982. We continue to integrate classical principles with current scientific research to provide an effective and sustainable mind, body and spirit practice for all phases of life.

I am also a Mindfulness and Stress Management Consultant and my clients include Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and school districts. Contact me at 814-864-1114 or rhadeya@plashayoga.com for an individual assessment of your organizations’ needs. 

Why Choose Plasha Yoga Studio?

Plasha Yoga Studio is a traditional and holistic studio that meets your personal mind, body and spirit goals. 

We are the only studio in Erie that features all 500-hour level teachers or more.

We are personal and attentive. Our studio offers a boutique setting to support your self-growth through courses with an emphasis on safety. Over 1,000 hours of training and over 40 years of experience inform my classes and private lessons. Feel the Difference Experience Makes! I serve on the Yoga Alliance advisory committee for recommending standards for teachers and schools. Our classes and my trainings will meet the highest standards of safety and instruction!

All classes awaken the essence of who you are: peace, love, and joy!

For the full list of my qualifications, click HERE.

We look forward to meeting you and supporting you on adapting Yoga to your specific needs.

Park Yoga Sunset

“Michael is an amazing teacher. He has done many workshops for us as a part of our Samayama Yoga Teacher Training program.”

– Director Lucinda LaRee