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Looking for a yoga teacher training?
Want to develop your meditation or pranayama practice?
Already a yoga teacher and need Yoga Alliance CEUs?
Consider attending Plasha Yoga School events to continue your yogic journey!

Upcoming or past events and workshops have included  Meditation, Pranayama, The Yoga Sutras, Resolve to Evolve, Yoga Psychology, The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living, Ayurveda, Prenatal Yoga, Back Pain, Forest Bathing, Mindfulness Bushcrafting, Yoga for Athletes, Postural Yoga Clinics, Partner Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage for Couples, Valentines Program and Conscious Communication and Kidding Around Yoga. 

Yogaville Workshop

Join me for a nourishing retreat/workshop in Yogaville April 5-7. Details are at

The Dynamic Couple

Next Date and Time TBA… 

Instructors: Allison Parr-Plasha, MSW and CTI Certified Life Coach and Michael Plasha

Many of our relationship problems could be prevented and even
solved if we mastered the skills of communication. Whether we
like it or not, our parents gave us a road map on how to navigate
relationships. Many couples are bushwhacking their way through the entanglement of trying to say what they feel. Have you ever felt lost in the complexities of being in relationship?

Spend a morning with us exploring the transforming power of relationships. We get it. We’ve been lost too! We will share the navigational skills that have come from our 25-year relationship, life coaching, therapy, yoga and meditation. Lets’ map this out together!

In this couple’s workshop you will:

Explore your core values as a couple (Who are you two at your best? What brought you together?
What makes you as a couple come alive?).

Navigate the future with communication techniques that will leave each of you
feeling like you have a voice in this relationship; that you matter.
Learn a new language that can prevent arguments and
instead create a space for change and possibility.

Co-create a design of how you want to move forward in your
relationship. Become an active participant that allows you to feel
more fulfilled personally and relationally.

Life is so much easier if we can lean into one another. A true
partnership can lighten your load.

Cost: $50



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  1. MaryEllen Dahlkemper

    Hi Michael,
    Looking forward to attending this workshop on strategies to inspire my meditation practice. Just registered via Pay Pal
    Mary Ellen

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