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I want to thank Michael Plasha and recognize what happens at Plasha Yoga that is unique in the yoga and wellness industry.

Michael provides inspiration and guidance that strengthens each of us as individuals but also as collaborators. So often you have teachers, mentors and those operating within a shared community who are in competition with one another and hold back from collaborating and teaching the secrets of the trade, in fear of others growing in competency and becoming the competition, which can result in a loss for the community and limits action and change!

My experiences at Plasha Yoga have been the exception to this rule… Michael’s encouragement for collaboration and inspiration of how each of us can take his lessons into the world and inspire change and grow more successful personally are commendable. – Nadine

Yoga Alliance now wants ALL teacher trainers to be E-RYT 500. I was in a committee that recommended this 7 years ago. I have been registered as a E-RYT 500 since 2006. That’s almost 15 years ago! I have learned a lot more since then that I want to share with you. 

Choose a guide who has experience. Over 40 years of experience and over 1,000 hours of training are infused into my classes. I have trained over 90 meditation and yoga teachers in the Erie area.

I am also the only area trainer who has attended teacher trainer conferences with Integral Yoga staff and taught at Yoga Alliance teachers conferences.  Are you ready?

When choosing a yoga teacher training, I thought a lot about the kind of teacher I wanted to be. I knew that I wanted to be an inviting, impassioned teacher with whom students would feel safe and welcomed.

This made training with Michael Plasha an easy decision.

Interested in the 200, 300 and Mini-trainings in 2021-2022? Details below.


RYS 200 Training

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School 200Registered with Yoga Alliance as an RYS 200, Plasha Yoga School was the first yoga school in Erie, PA!

2022 Dates/Time: Saturdays 9-4 and Sundays 9-4 plus weekly classes

January 22-23

February 19-20

March 19 – 20

April 30 – May 1

May 21-22

June 18-19

July 23-24

August 20-21

September 24-25

October 22-23

  • Want to learn more or sign up for our Yoga Teacher Training for 2022?
Visit our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training page for more information about the Curriculum, what to expect, and pricing information.

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance - YACEP2021 TBA 

At Plasha Yoga Studio or Zoom option.

Cost: $300

This meditation teacher training is for anyone who wants to learn how to meditate, deepen their existing meditation practice or share their love for meditation in teaching others how to meditate. On completion of the course, you will feel confident to teach meditation to different types of groups.

This training has been approved by the NASW-PA Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers and Yoga Alliance. Earn 10 CEUs and enhance your professional skills. Yoga Alliance registered teachers are required to earn 30 CEUs every three years. In addition, Social Workers, School Teachers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Massage Therapists and Professional Counselors can earn 10 CEUs.

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate to teach meditation.

Visit our Meditation Teacher Training page for more information about the Curriculum, what to expect, and pricing information.

Transformational Breathing for Life:
Beginner to Advanced Pranayama Training

Yoga Alliance - YACEP

Instructor: Michael PlashaE-RYT 500, YACEP, Mindfulness and Stress Management Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies, School Districts, and Non-Profits

2021 TBA 

Plasha Yoga Studio or Zoom

Cost: $250

This 10-hour training has been approved by the NASW-PA and Yoga Alliance.

Licensed social workers, therapists, massage therapists, and registered yoga teachers can apply for 10 CEU’s after completion of the program.

Visit our Pranayama Training page for more information about the Curriculum, what to expect, and pricing information.

RYS 300 Training

Yoga Alliance RYS 3002021 TBA Contact Michael Plasha for next training session

Registered with Yoga Alliance as an RYS-300, Plasha Yoga School is the only RYS yoga school in Erie, PA.

Learning Objectives:

  • Support trainees in becoming more skillful at serving individuals and groups with specific needs.
  • Gain confidence and skill at adapting Yoga to individual needs in a group setting. You will deepen your knowledge of giving assists and using props.
  • Learn the skill of choosing which method is most effective for serving an individual in a private lesson or a general class format.
  • Gain a better understanding and skill at recommending specific yoga practices for physical limitations and chronic health or physical conditions.
  • Create a safer class environment by recommending modifications based on contraindications. The training will support self-growth as well as ethical and spiritual maturity.
  • Explore many ways to develop spiritual themes in classes and how to ground one’s teachings in the psychological, philosophical and spiritual roots of Classical Yoga.
  • Foster a greater understanding of the differences in non-dualistic and dualistic philosophies and then apply this understanding in-class themes.
  • Skillfully assess the specific needs of any class or individual in order to adapt the practices.
  • Gain confidence with teaching at a more advanced level.
Visit our 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training page for more information about the Curriculum, what to expect, and pricing information.


Michael is an amazing teacher. He has done many workshops for us as a part of our Samayama Yoga Teacher Training program. – Director Lucinda LaRee


Michael has been an integral part of our philosophy module within our 200-hour teacher training. He draws from his rich history of over 40 years of practice and study and teaching for over 14 years at his studio. He presents Yoga’s history and philosophy in a clear and creative way that engages students.

Expect an interactive session that includes movement, discussion, and the proper amount of space for full absorption. – Debra Perlson-Mishalove, director Flow Yoga Center


Michael’s Integrative Plasha Teacher Training is very comprehensive and inspiring. This teacher has every right to be training others to teach as he has studied, practiced and applied the yogic tradition to his life for years.

Not only does he present the asanas in a way that makes them safe and manageable to pass on to others, but he infuses his knowledge of yogic history and philosophy every step of the way. One completes the course ready to teach a comprehensive beginner’s class while understanding the rich legacy of yogic wisdom passed down through the centuries and it’s relevance for the present.


Michael brings the material to life, by including a practical application for not only physical health but mental, emotional, and spiritual heath as well.

Michael’s teacher training class naturally creates a friendly, close-knit community in which students learn, practice and support each other.


Michael has an evolved sense of fun and humor to keep the classes energized and fun. – Tia


Making the decision to take Michael Plasha’s Integrative Yoga teacher training was one of the best decisions of my life. Throughout this training, I have gained so much confidence in myself and in my practice. Michael’s warm and welcoming personality made each and every class exciting and incredibly informative. In addition to breaking down the poses and learning proper technique, I learned how to embody the teachings of yoga into my daily life.

I am so grateful for Michael’s spiritual guidance and I will continue to practice and share his teachings to my future students. – Shraddha


The Teacher Training was an amazing experience. I grew in ways that I never thought possible. Having the time to go delve into my yoga practice, guided by a fantastic teacher, was a powerful combination.

I recommend it to anyone wanting to grow personally and spiritually, in addition to getting a yoga teacher certification. – Kim


When I saw Michael was going to offer a yoga teacher training program, I jumped at the chance.  Our training was wonderful. Our group became so close. Not only did I learn the proper technique for poses and how to help others find the postures, but the class gave me something I hadn’t expected: inner growth.

Every day, Michael would gather us in a circle and we would “check in”.  We would each share what was going on in our lives and good or bad, the rest of the group would listen, offer insight, give hugs, laugh, cry, and sometimes all of the above.

When I started the teacher training I expected to become an expert at yoga.  What I learned was far beyond being able to do a handstand or crow pose.  I learned powerful life lessons and made life-long friends. It opened my eyes to the changes I needed to make.  I now feel contentment deep within me.  Thank you, Michael. – Madhura


Overall, I am happy that I decided to take this training and I feel like I’m a new and improved version of me.  I am so thankful that I met everyone in the group and plan to continue with those friendships in the future.

Thank you, Michael, for offering your time and support in this training. – Jennifer


I completed Michael Plasha’s Integrative Yoga teacher training in the summer of 2013. Throughout this training, I appreciated Michael’s precise attention to detail and organized structure combined with a spirit of caring and a playful sense of humor.

His explanations of the philosophical concepts, as well as the physical postures of Hatha Yoga, were clear and relevant to our daily experiences. He facilitated a group environment of support and trust and offered valuable guidance with compassion.

By the end of the training, I not only felt prepared to pass the teaching exams, I felt I had gained unexpected wisdom about how to apply the core concepts of yoga into my whole life. – Jyoti


In addition to learning about the poses and anatomical requirements of each, I gained an education in the soul.

I was part of a group dynamic that was accepting and open. I was in a space that not only allowed my own asana practice to deepen but provided an outlet for me to connect with all that yoga has to offer.

As I fostered these qualities within myself, I found the confidence necessary to guide others on their journeys in yoga.


The effects of this training can be felt physically, mentally, and spiritually.

My view of myself and the world was opened up and I know I will continue to enjoy these effects all the days of my life. – Karuna

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