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Michael Plasha E-RYT500, RPYT

Michael Plasha E-RYT500, RPYT

Below you will find information about the private lessons and classes we offer at Plasha Yoga, including:

Special Package:

Special Package: 6 private lessons for $299! This is for individuals or a married couple. I can go to your home or meet you at the studio or we can do a Zoom format which is great if you live outside of Erie. A package will support you in establishing a lifetime practice!

Private Classes for Groups

($100 per hour)

I offer individualized classes to meet your group’s needs. A few of the groups I specialize in teaching yoga or mindfulness to include:

    Yoga-based Core Conditioning classes for Sports teams: From baseball to soccer to volleyball, I can create a sequence that will improve performance and reduce injuries.
    Yoga “Parties”: I have created sequences that were taught in backyards, homes, or my studio for bridal parties, birthday parties, family fun days, or an evening with friends.
    Yoga to bring peace to the workplace: I have helped companies bring more Zen into work environments to show their employees and colleagues they care. One of my specialties is teaching Mindfulness and giving Stress Relief guidance to improve work performance and reduce stress levels.

Embodied Wellness Service

Reduce the Emotional Wounds and Trauma From the Past

Become free to experience the gratitude, openness, and joy that is our natural state when we are relieved of the weight of shame, trauma, negative self-talk, low self-esteem and other psychological challenges that we can experience in life.

These highly specialized private lessons can supplement talk therapy and medication or be the next step. This series is not intended to replace any medical or therapy treatments. Guided mindfulness meditations, somatic exercises, and yoga-based strategies are used to release the repressed emotions we hold in the body to relieve anxiety and depression without getting overwhelmed. You can earn how to make daily emotional adjustments to experience emotional balance and self-love.

You do not need prior yoga or meditation experience. Included will be gentle restorative postures, meditations, visualizations and breathing practices.

This program requires a commitment to twelve one-hour private lessons over a three month period. You will practice each week’s techniques for 30 minutes a day for healing to occur. It takes at least a month of new habits to create lasting change. I will teach you the tools and techniques you need to discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever imagined yourself to be.

Each lesson is $100. After the first lesson, to continue, you will commit and pay for the next four lessons for $400. To complete the program the balance of $700 will be due after the first five weeks. If you miss a lesson, there are no refunds and you will still be charged for the lesson. A note documenting the progress you are making each week will be handed in at the next lesson.

To learn more about my professional background, go to the About page.

Prenatal Yoga Lessons

($50 per hour, or bring a pregnant friend for a lesson for $25 each)

RPYTI am also available for private Prenatal Yoga lessons tailored to your trimester for $50 an hour or bring a pregnant friend for a semi-private for $25 each! All privates include a handout for you to practice your lesson at home.

Your Prenatal Yoga lesson also begins with a phone consultation to determine the best practices for you. I attended a 130 hour prenatal and postnatal Yoga training/certification in 1998 from the Integral Yoga Institute. There are over 400 Yoga babies in Erie from my Prenatal Yoga classes and private lessons. This training exceeds the Yoga Alliance’s minimum standard of 85 hours.

Fast-forward your practice and optimize the benefits of Yoga by creating an individualized approach. Lessons can also be in your home!

Private Ayurveda Consultations and Yoga Lessons

($100 per hour)

I have extensive experience providing over 1,000 private Yoga lessons or Ayurveda and Yoga lessons and can customize a Yoga routine for your specific needs. If you are a Yoga teacher anywhere in the world, I am available for consulting and assisting you in the art of creating customized routines for your own yoga students.

The Ayurvedic consult includes:
  • An assessment of your practice
  • Specific practices to meet your personal goals and identification of your predominant body type (dosha)
  • Then you will be able to optimize balance in your life by lowering your elevated Dosha
Private Yoga Lessons:
  • The Yoga lesson begins with a phone consult to determine your specific needs. I create a customized routine to provide a support strategy for Back Pain, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, and other chronic conditions.
  • I was certified in Yoga of the Heart for the heart and cancer from the Integral Yoga Institute in 1998.
  • Over 40 years of experience and over a thousand hours of training go into these lessons.

If you are interested in any private or group yoga lessons, call 814-864-1114 or email us for an appointment.

Plasha Yoga Studio Testimonials

“Michael Plasha really speaks to me and everyone in the class feels the same; he is able to connect with all of us on a personal level exactly where we are in our lives. He has a real gift.” – Jacki Ollinger RYT500, Erie
“I have been to a chiropractor, a Rolfer, and a physical therapist, all with mild success. Yet, after one session with you, I have had a dramatic gain in pain management for the first time in 2 years. I wonder if there is an emotional component to this pain that you helped release. I am grateful!” – Doug
“I rarely experience headaches, stomach aches or backaches anymore even though I suffered from that kind of pain for years. I thought that they and many other kinds of pain were just part of who I was. I now know they are just part of the story I made up to cope with life. Your overall expertise is an integral part of my metamorphosis. Thank You!” – Leslie

“Your approach has been life-changing. Your sessions and my additional anxiety therapy, have helped me so much with my anxiety. It has been November 1st since my last seizure; I am driving again short distances. Yoga is definitely your calling and thanks for doing what you do!” – Angela

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