Chapter 8 – The Adventures Continue

Chapter 8 The Adventures Continue… I went to my first Hatha Yoga class at the Glenwood YMCA. It was with Lee Kirkland, who had learned the Kripalu approach to Hatha Yoga. She taught a gentle style of traditional Hatha Yoga and was a perfect teacher for me. I enjoyed dropping into her classes for several years. She eventually would attend my gentle hatha and meditation classes at my home beginning in 1980. At that time in Kripalu which was started…

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Chapter 7 – Integration

Chapter 7 Integration The next few years, from 73 to 76, deepened my love for knowledge and exploring spiritual experiences. I was reading the great Western classics in literature and philosophy. I was attending a Catholic college which took my mom a long time to warm up to. The most amazing experiences I had now was having my mind expanded by the range of ideas I was learning and by the meditation experiences that were unfolding. There would be times…

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Chapter 6 – The Play of Yoga and Meditation

Chapter 6 The Play of Yoga and Meditation What is Yoga? I discovered many different definitions of Yoga in these ancient texts. How do you define Yoga? Today, the common perception and understanding are yoga is for stretching or a way to workout. Today, I hear that yoga is having a strong and flexible body. Or Yoga is sweating to purify the body. Yoga is for stress management. Yoga is for relaxing. Yoga is good for overall health. And if…

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Chapter 5 – Becoming Grounded

Chapter 5 Becoming Grounded My attachment to drugs had been replaced by spiritual highs but Ram Das reminded me to stay grounded. “Just because you are seeing divine light, experiencing waves of bliss, or conversing with Gods and Goddesses is no reason to not know your zip code.” At this time in my life, I was not grounded. I was very restless chasing meaning through people, places, things and my inner self. Shifts had happened but restlessness remained. I had…

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