Chapter 4 – Big Mind Country

Chapter 4 Big Mind Country Ram Das and his book Be Here Now was my guide. Ram Das was the former Richard Alpert, who along with Timothy Leary, Huston Smith and Andre Weil formed the Harvard Psychedelic club, and he realized LSD was not a sustainable lifestyle. He went to India and met his Guru, Neem Karoli Baba. Through the practices of yoga and meditation he had similar consciousness expanding experiences as he had had on LSD. I wanted the…

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Chapter 3 – The Hero’s Journey

Chapter 3 The Hero’s Journey I did not know it at the time but I would embark on what Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey. This is the process to heal the wounds of the past by doing the deep work of inner healing. It is the aspiration to wake up from the unconscious. This journey can be so painful that some will have a glimpse of what lies ahead and decide it will be easier to stay asleep. Others…

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Chapter 2 – Growing Up

Chapter 2 Growing Up After sixth grade, we moved to Erie, PA. We didn’t know where it was. My mom was concerned it was a “Catholic” town. My Dad was excited about a new position that seemed much more fulfilling on a professional and financial level. My oldest sister had just graduated and was going to college. Her OCD helped her to get straight A’s and very few friends. She seemed happy to leave. My other sister who was very…

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In the Beginning…

The Amazing Adventures of a Yogi in America By Michael Plasha  Chapter 1 (To my dear readers this is a memoir in the form of a serial blog. It will be released every Friday until it is finished. I hope you enjoy my adventures!) In the Beginning I was sitting in a hot tub with Richard Freeman, a wonderful Ashtanga teacher, and a master teacher during the Yoga at the Leading-Edge conference at Kripalu in 1999. We were discussing Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. I…

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